Keeping Order in Your Home When You Live With Toddlers

I don’t deal well with disorder and clutter in my life, especially in my home – in fact in gives me an overwhelming sense of anxiety. It’s important for me to stay in a routine, because when we are home I’d much rather be spending time with my daughter and hubby or out in the barn and honestly I don’t have one of those “perfect Pinterest” houses either. But I do keep it tidy, and I do try to stay on top of things around here. Below are some of my top tips:

Isn’t this the truth?


It’s the best way to start your day. It looks nice, and I’m just super type A in general. If my bed isn’t made in the morning, my whole day is thrown off. Period. Just trust me on this, it will set a positive, calm tone to kick start your morning.


This. Is. Huge.

Do a visual scan when you are in a room, especially in your more populated areas. See toys, clothes, mail, etc that don’t belong? Pick them up and return them to their rightful place right then.


I wipe my kitchen counters and bathroom counters every day, and I give the sinks a good scrub as well. I love the Mrs. Meyer’s products as well as the Weiman granite cleaner. We have granite in our kitchen and marble in the bathrooms, which I have to be super careful with and these work wonderfully.

This is not only a good idea because these are highly trafficked, germy areas, but it will also help you remember to put things away that are on the counters as well!


Do a load, every day. This routine helps me so much! I can throw a load in the washer in the am if it’s a day I’m working and then into the dryer when I get home. Fold, put away, and you’re done. Don’t let it pile up. It’s so much easier this way.


Load it in the evening, run, then take 5 minutes in the mornings to unload. This way its ready to go to in the evenings after you make dinner and you aren’t left with a huge pile of dishes in the sink. There are few things that can start my morning off on the wrong foot like walking past a full sink of dirty dishes. I do a lot of cooking at our house, as Mr. Pharmer has pretty severe food allergies that most restaurants don’t seem to be able to handle, so this is a daily occurrence here!


This really should be my number one tip for me with Baby Pharmer. 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 in the evening max. I grab a laundry basket and organize her toys and games. We have several of these in her play areas which makes getting the toy situation under control a breeze.

I got these from Walmart and highly recommend them


And stick to it. This is vital. Monday is my *bigger* laundry day from the weekend. It’s also Baby Pharmer’s gymnastics day and I try to meet my hubby for lunch after. Tuesday is meal planning. Wednesday I plan out our family activities. Thursday is grain day. Friday is for open gym and grocery pickup or Instacart (and yes, as a mama who works and lives on a farm with 14 horses, 9 goats, 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a pig I take full advantage of these services!) Saturday is Baby Pharmer’s riding lesson and fun with the family. Sunday is bed linens. Every day I do a load of clothes or towels. I don’t ever waiver from this unless I’m sick or on vacation. I highly recommend finding a good planner – the Erin Condren Life Planner has been life saver for me.

That’s basically it! Anyone have any tips I’m missing out on?

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