Totes Mah Goats

I just adore our little herd. We bought our first goats last spring from an awesome local breeder after toddlerpants went crazy for them one day at the zoo. I’m SO glad we got them because they have made the best pets and addition to our farm.We started off with two baby Fainting Goats aka “Myotonic Goats.” 

Cattle Kate, Calamity Jane, and herder Ellasyn. Aren’t they so cute?

The Fainting Goat can be traced back to the 1880s. A farm worker named John Tinsley who traveled from place to place (perhaps looking for work) came to central Tennessee to the farm of Dr. Mayberry with four unusual goats that got stiff and fell down. It is believed that John Tinsley came from Ireland by way of Nova Scotia. After a year, John Tinsley moved on and left his goats (one buck and three does) on Dr. Mayberry’s farm. Dr. Mayberry began to breed the unusual goats and found that their babies got stiff and fell down, too. 

These guys are my total favorites! I can’t get them to faint much by scaring them (that just makes me feel bad, too) but they faint twice a day, every day when they see us coming with their food.

Soon after we got Calamity Jane and Cattle Kate, we brought two boy fainters home. Brigham Young and Doc Holiday seemed liked the perfect continuation of our Wild West theme. Besides, with the addition of boys meant the possibility of BABY goats one day. Nothing on Earth is cuter than a baby goat.

Doc Holiday. No one could possibly say no to that face!

Brigham Young as a baby.

A few months later a friend had a Nigerian Dwarf for sale that we couldn’t resist. I love love love the idea of making goat soap in a few years when our daughter is a little older. “Nala” didn’t really fit our WWW theme, but fit her too perfectly to change. Nala *should* be due around the middle of March. She’s an absolute doll.

Nala and the Magnolia Creek Farm welcoming committee

Nala and the shorter welcoming committee


Not long after we got Nala, Gizmo (another Nigerian) came into our lives. He was a bottle baby and believes he is mostly human, haha. He comes in the house quite frequently and loves watching movies and eating fruit snack. He is Nala’s baby daddy, and we cannot wait to see their kids!

Gizmo the house goat

I just love these two!


I really love these two breeds, and doubt we will incorporate anything else into our herd. Both are small, and very friendly. They love attention from our daughter and stand to be petted and brushed. They require very little attention, too! Shots, worming, the occasional hoof trim, shelter, and some hay and grain. I’m SUPER excited at the thought of babies and having milk for cheese and soap. 

I’ll leave you with a few more pics of our cuties πŸ˜€

Ellasyn, #1 goat herder


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