Babies in the snow

We recently had some cold weather. Like COLD weather. The kind we don’t see much in Tennessee. 4+ inches of snow and sub zero temperatures. Naturally, I was freaked out about how everyone would handle it, but a constant supply of hay and water (thank God for water tank heaters) kept everyone looking a-ok. These temperatures were no joke, though. On the way to the barn today I saw 3 deer that had frozen to death in the neighbors pasture. Is it spring yet?

This stock tank heater is awesome, if anyone is in the market. We’ve been using it for several years!

Water Heater

Fontine and Cash

Cattle Kate and Calamity Jane

Ariel and Aurora

Faith and 8 month baby bump. Apparently baby keeps her quite warm, as she wanted no part of her blanket

Ponies and ‘pacas

King and Taz. Taz is humiliated by his peace sign blanket.

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